Friday, April 6, 2012

Renaissance/Medieval Fabric Swatches

Yes I know it has been ages since I last posted, and unfortunately it has also been ages since I last touched my sewing machine. The last I checked, a clump of mould had colonized my tailor's chalk, a fitting image for the state of the projects which I have left off.

It's pretty difficult to find the time and energy to costume when work is taking up most of my life; I really miss being at university and the creative space that it allows. Nonetheless, this Easter holiday, I went to research more on fabric options for the Burgundian gown and found some pretty bolts of cloth at This one on the left is a polyester jacquard and I thought it might work well as the main body of my gown, with a blue-gray or reddish velvet collar. Although it could appear a little pale and lackluster.

Another option is this gorgeous damask cotton (Aviary 2 Damask Granite). It stands out more and the colours are amazing, but I'm a bit concerned about using 100% cotton as it crumples easily and can look a bit cheap.

I also really liked Urban Cosmos Damask Antique Chocolate. Again, it's 100% cotton so there's the issue of whether or not it'd lack the weight and drape.

Lyonnete Vibert has done up a fantastic instructional/research write-up on the construction of the Burgundian gown. I intend to base my pattern on it, probably using Madiaeval Miscellanea's commercial pattern as a reference as well. Lyonnete's creations are inspiring: a beautiful picture of her work can be found here.

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