Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hanbok Remakes

So I'm starting work on the hanbok again, after a long hiatus from sewing. I've made the norigae; fused an  Oriental looking pendant from polymer clay artist Linda Mosley with Sonjjang hanbok's plain gray-blue one. Painted ring clasps an antique brown/gold to give it a more archaic finish.
Have also started making a new skirt out of 5 metres of hunter green duchess satin, ordered from The beautiful fabric has arrived. It drapes gorgeously and produces a lovely rustling sound when swished. Unfortunately, it is very heavy.

I pinned then sewed across the pleats. This is the first time I bothered to measure the width of each pleat, to get them exact. It paid off-the skirt looks a lot neater and the pleats are more pronounced.

A preview of the finished outfit, with the cloth lying flat on the floor. The green isn't exact in this pic; it's closer to the colour of the skirt in the above photo.