Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ancient Chinese Accessories

It's been ages since my last post and I've really not had the time to finish up my costumes over the past year. I've got all the materials prepared, but just the missing motivation to drag them out of the cupboard and to start sewing again after coming home from work. Am hoping to complete the Tang dress at the end of the year once the holidays begin.

But for now, here are some beautiful hairpieces I've acquired over the years. I love designing hairdos, they are huge fun to think up but unfortunately, quite painful to wear. Literally got a headache from wearing the huge Korean braids to a dinner party last time because the pins holding them up had to be pinned tightly to the hair closest to my scalp.Can't imagine how the ladies survived wearing these hairpieces for days on end back in the past.


And here are two pictures of a very simple Qing dynasty hairdo that I created to match a costume for a fun event at the office.