Saturday, January 21, 2017

Colour Swatches for Upcoming Projects

I've had lots of inspiration recently after discovering a few wonderful cloth shops selling materials for traditional Korean and Chinese costumes. Am hoping to do a few more outfits this year and explore a few more periods in history! Here is a list of 5 projects I hope to complete by this year / next year:

1. Ming Dynasty Ao Qun

Here's the colour scheme for the costume: 

 2. Tang Dynasty Qi Xiong Qun or Song Dynasty Costume 《胭脂》

I've already bought the fabric for this one, but haven't yet decided whether I should attempt another Qi Xiong Qun, or try out the Song Dynasty costume. These are gorgeous silk fabrics from China. I'm intending to do a two layered big-sleeved robe with the red and blue fabrics, use the dual-toned green/red silk for the skirt, and the black and silver patterned fabric for the shirt.

On the left, the Qi Xiong Ru Qun, and on the right, the Song styled way of wearing the garment:

An earlier colour scheme that got ditched because it was a little too old and pale:

I want to do something with that beautiful purple silk though!

3. Hanfu Menswear 

I haven't tried menswear before and thought it would be interesting to give it a shot. However, I need to find a male model! This selection of fabrics use natural fibres and organic dyes, creating a more rugged but stately look. I think the textures are wonderful and go together brilliantly. The downside is that these natural fabrics cost a lot more then their synthetically made counterparts, going for at least $15-20 a metre. 

4. Another Hanbok

I haven't thought of doing another one since Sonjjang stopped selling Korean fabrics online, but I've since found another good supplier. I absolutely love Korean silks and I think there is nothing else like it in the market; am hoping to make a few more costumes before going to Korea one day to do a photoshoot! I've not refined the colour schemes for these experimental swatches yet, but I'm thinking of doing something blue/yellow and possibly white or hot pink, something different my favourite colours! Leave a comment if you like any of them, to help me decide.

5. Regency Outfit 

A friend of mine who is a member of the Jane Austen Circle Singapore (JACS) organises regular teas and dinner dances a few times a year, and I've been hoping to make a dress for this event! This year, their first dinner and dance session is in March, and you can purchase tickets here:

You can also find out more about JACS from their Facebook page:

I'm thinking of a light blue taffeta fabric with white and gold lace trimming, or maybe something a bit more dark and formal and with a Regency coat. We'll see!

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