Costume Design Portfolio

The Women of Trachis | Performed at the Guildhall, York, June 2010. Directed by Jon Hughes. The Women of Trachis
Drawings The Women of Trachis (Drawings)

Two Medieval Plays: The Wakefield First Shepherds' Play and The Chester Offering of the Magi | HIDden Theatre, York, Performed at the British Museum, London, December 2010. Directed by Laura Elizabeth Rice, produced by Suzanne Fatta. Kings All Comely and Kind

Racine's Phedre (Conceptual)| 2011, Photoshop Collage The Women of Trachis

Save the Gryphon | Performed at Raffles Institution, Singapore, 2012. Directed by Susan Tordoff. Save The Gryphon

Fashion Drawings Fashion Drawings

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